Poultry and Game

Chicken ready to cook from Buntings food store in Coggeshall, Essex

Roast turkey from Buntings food store in Coggeshall, Essex

We stock only free range poultry.

Turkeys: Norfolk Black, Bronze or White Turkeys, with their fine textured, succulent, moist meat are all recognised as having a fuller flavour than today’s hybrid alternatives.

Chickens: Thetford Black Chickens, a rare breed, free range and very well flavoured. A small to medium sized bird suitable for roasting whole, jointing and grilling or any casserole dish.

We stock a wide range of game when it is in season, including pheasant, partridge, hare, rabbit and venison. All come from local sources and are totally free range and low in cholesterol. Whether it’s tasty roast wild duck or a magnificent slow-cooked rabbit casserole you will love the rich, wholesome flavours.

Venison ragout

Oven ready partridges