Beverages and Drinks
We are delighted to add a new dimension to our range of products at our shop here in Coggeshall.
We now stock locally produced beers and cider as well as fine wines imported by a local wine connoisseur.

Red Fox beersRed Fox Beers
We have a large selection of beers brewed right here in Coggeshall by the Red Fox Brewery. There are bottled beers and assorted 5 litre kegs.
The Red Fox philosophy is “Traditional beers, brewed the traditional way.” True to this, all of the beer is made in small batches by hand. Bottling is done on a small scale, from the same batches that are cask conditioned for local pubs, and without any extra additives or preservatives, so you get the same experience whether you’re drinking a freshly pulled pint or a bottle in your own home. The beer itself is as traditional as can be too, with only four ingredients – hops, barley, water and yeast – varying the hop varieties and proportions to give the range of beers (with the occasional addition such as locally grown cherries).

Red Fox beers
The perfect accompaniment to a meal
Red Fox beers
A selection of beers from the Coggeshall Red Fox Brewery

Red Fox Keg Beer
If you need a larger quantity of beer at home or for a party we have mini-kegs.

Red Fox gin
Red Fox Gin
Lavender and Citrus Gin. Small batch, handcrafted gin that has been vapour infused for a smoother taste. A bestseller and a local favourite.
Red Fox gin

Big Bear CiderBig Bear Cider
Three litre pouches of locally made cider from The Big Bear Cider Mill at Tumblers Green.

The cider is hand crafted from 100% apple juice, naturally vegan and gluten free using 18 different varieties of apple, grown in their own orchards using no pesticides and with a major focus on sustainability.

Red Fox gin

Big Bear Cider Peter Watts Wines
Fine wines imported from the best wine producing regions in the world by Peter Watts Wines, wine connoisseurs, in Coggeshall.

Wine is imported from France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Australia,  New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and South Africa. To select the very best, they taste wines from many different  producers. Only the outstanding wines get through their stringent selection process. 
The wines are bottled at source so Peter Watts Wines know what goes into them.

Peter Watts wines
Wines for every occasion
Peter Watts wines
Good selection of fine wines