Outside Catering
Buntings outside catering team cooking a hog roast
The Buntings outside catering team at work during the summer

Dressed salmon by Buntings outside catering team
We take great pride in presentation

Having a barbecue?
Let us take the hassle (and the smoke) out of it for you!

Minted lamb chops, bar-b-q ribs, lemon/pepper chicken, piri-piri chicken, homemade sausages, burgers, coleslaw, potato,salad, rolls and sauces.

Barbecue catering at your home with salads etc
Barbecue catering at your home, hog roast

Full Hog Roast
We can either deliver it to you to carve or to make life easier for you we will come and cater for the whole event. We can provide salads, rolls, apple sauce and stuffing. One hog feeds approximately 80 to 90 guests.

Dinner party?
Let us take all the stress out of it so that you can enjoy the company.
We will cater in your home all year round.

In the cooler months we will come to your house and provide all you need for a memorable meal. We provide the food, hearty casseroles or a roast, tableware and cutlery. All you have to do is welcome your guests.

Dinner table
Casserole ready to sereve