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Fresh meat at Buntings butcher's shop
Sausages and meat at Buntings butcher's shop
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Free Range Meat

Orkney Island cattle
Buntings is an accredited butcher for the best quality organic meat and rare breeds.
Special Diets
We now supply gluten-free sausages and burgers.
Scotch Beef and Lamb from Orkney
Our Orkney beef is supplied to us with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the ear tag details of the beef supplied, where it was born and reared. All animals are traditionally reared and grass fed in the Orkney Islands. The beef is sourced solely from farms which can guarantee have never bred a case of BSE.
Ingatestone Lamb
From Jacob and Jacob-cross lambs, a naturally reared traditional breed, producing wonderfully tasting and well-textured meat. The White Tyrells family have been breeding lambs in Ingatestone for over 50 years.
We also sell Norfolk Long-Horn Lamb.
Gloucester Old Spot Pork
It couldn’t possibly be more local, bred in small numbers within a mile of the shop. It tastes like pork used to, with the right amount of fat. We recommend that you look out for it and snap it up as soon as you can. It just flies out of the shop when in stock (who said pigs cannot fly!).
We also sell Tamworth Ginger pork.
Dry Cured Bacon
Produced in the traditional way from a local farm at Tolleshunt D'Arcy. Wonderful flavour and no added water
We make all of our own sausages on the premises from our own recipes so we know exactly what goes into them. We also sell gluten-free sausages.
Here is a selection from our latest range:

Sausage Selection
Welsh Dragon - peppery
Lincolnshire - with herbs
Pork and Apple
Cracked Black Pepper
Old English - spicy
Hickory and Stilton
Lamb and Mint
Boerewors - spicy,
made to a South African recipe
Lamb Koftas - on a stick
Celiac - gluten free

Meat Flavourings
We have a mouth watering selection of seasonings and marinades for meat:
Smoky Barbeque
Pepper Steak
Sweet Chilli and Lime
Hot and Spicy
Piri Piri
Lemon and Pepper
Rosemary and Garlic
Tikka Masala
Garden Mint (for lamb)
Sweet and Sour
Traditional Breeds Accredited Butcher
Fresh meat at Buntings butcher's shop
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