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Wide selection of cheeses
We pride ourselves on having one of the best cheese counters in the area and always have in stock a good selection of French and continental varieties.
We also have a very wide range of British and local cow-, sheep- and goats-milk cheeses. More and more new, excellent quality British cheeses are being developed and it is said that this country now produces more varieties than France.
Why not pop in and try something new?
For those of you have an intolerance to cows’ milk, or simply like the flavour of goats milk, we have many varieties of goats’ cheese including a new one from Norfolk Mardler.

A selection of speciality cheeses available from our delicatessen:

Local Cheeses

Monarch Farm Goats Cheese: from nearby Abberton, a hard cheese with a gentle goat flavour.
Suffolk Gold and Suffolk Blue: These cheeses are made from a Guernsey herd on a farm at Creeting St. Mary just over the border in Suffolk.

Traditional Cheeses

Lincolnshire Poacher: A firm, unpasteurised, cheddar-like cheese. Strong, earthy flavour and has won many awards.
Black Bomber: Our most popular award winnin extra mature Cheddar made by the Snowdonia Cheese Company.
Quickes Mature: A traditional, firm, robust flavoured cheddar from the south-west.
Malvern Ewe's: An award-winning cheese that is made to a Wensleydale recipe traditionally made in the 17th century with pure ewe's milk Matured for 4 - 8 months depending on the season and wrapped in larded cheesecloths. A light well rounded sweetness with a slightly nutty taste.
Hereford Hop: Based on a Gloucester recipe, relying on the rich creamy milk from herb rich local pastures. Once matured for 3 - 4 months the wheels are coated in toasted Hereford hops.
Worcester Gold: Made exclusively from Channel Island milk, this cheese has a lovely golden straw colour and a rich taste. The curds are pressed and allowed to dry for 24 hours then the cloth and band are applied to the rind using warm vegetable fat, this protects the cheese and retains moisture and taste.
Oak Smoked: A mature Worcester Gold is stripped of the cloth and then slowly smoked over English Oak split logs for 4 - 5 days.
Red & Chives: This attractive cheese is made from Hereford Red with the addition of fresh chopped chives.
Gold and Black: Made using mature Worcester Gold this superb cheese has added fresh crushed peppercorns. Grill on a steak!
Gold and Herbs: An old favourite, the Worcester Gold and a secret blend of mixed herbs combine perfectly with the subtle tones of chopped garlic. A great ploughman's cheese.
Gold and Sun dried Tomatoes: You can really taste the Mediterranean tomatoes in the cheese.
Scottish Drumloch: Mature Guernsey milk cheddar in a green wax.
Irish Durrus: Washed, rinded, semi-soft unpasteurised cheese.
Colston Bassett Stilton: The king of English cheeses, made by one of the last independent Stilton makers.
Wensleydale from Hawes: The real thing, produced in the Dale itself.
Black Bomber, Montgomery and Quickes - mature and very well flavoured.
Poacher - well flavoured and unpasteurised
Wookey Hole - the only British cheese to be matured in caves.

Scottish Cheeses:

Orkney Cheddar: This excellent cheddar made in the Orkneys has earned a great deal of respect with cheddar lovers for its full bodied texture and medium to mature flavour. Lightly coloured for an attractive finish.
Dunsyre Blue: Made by Humphrey Errington, with milk obtained from his cows grazing in the lush pastures overlooking the Clyde in Lanarkshire. An excellent soft and creamy cheese with a well rounded tangy blue flavour.
Galic: From Highland Fine Cheeses in Tain, comes this lovely cream cheese which is enhanced by the addition of finely chopped garlic leaf (leaves no aftertaste) and rolled in toasted almonds.
Pentland: From Howgate Dairy in Perthshire this is a well made brie type with a white bloomy rind. The paste has a rich creamy texture with a delicate and pleasant background.

French and Italian Cheeses

We have a selection of French cheese including several types of Brie. For traditional French farmhouse flavour French Brie de Pays is highly recommended and Le President or Le Rustique are very popular. We also stock an excellent Cornish Organic Brie.
Le Gaslonde Camemberts: Farmhouse raw milk traditional.
Galbani Dolcelatte Cremoso: A creamy tub of creme dolcelatte ideal for dips, pasta, sauces.
Cambozola: buttery and smooth.

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